Current fees for lessons at my home are as follows:

£16 for 30 minutes
£24 for 45 minutes

For children and beginners 30 minutes is usually ample. For adults, older children, or students who are working towards music exams you may wish to consider longer lessons.

Please note that this fee does not include any additional resources, such as music books or exam fees. These will be charged separately, or bought by the student (or parent/carer).

Lesson frequency

Lessons usually take place weekly during term time, and children and young people who attend school will be generally expected to attend in this pattern. A more flexible arrangement can be discussed for adult students, or students who are not in traditional education (e.g. home schooled).

I will sometimes need to cancel term-time lessons due to training. These will be communicated with you well in advance. A full copy of my terms and conditions will be emailed to you, when you contact me about lessons.

I usually offer some lessons during the summer holidays, but due to my work as an organist and choir director I do not offer lessons during the Christmas or Easter periods.

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