General Info

Who can learn?
I offer piano lessons to children from 6 years and on, but there is no upper age limit! It is never too late to start learning to play, and I have experience of teaching adults and children who are complete beginners.

What do lessons involve?
Lessons are varied and tailored to each individual student’s needs and goals. Beginners are likely to work from a tutor book (or books) alongside a range of additional activities to develop their musicianship skills. Students transferring from another teacher are encouraged to bring something they enjoy playing to their first lesson, and their work may focus on studying different repertoire to build on their existing skills .

Lessons take place at my house on The Greenway, Didcot. Students will learn on an upright Kemble piano.

When booking your first lesson you will be invited to come for an initial chat. This is so that we can meet each other before lessons begin. It also gives you the opportunity to find out if the lesson time and location works for you. There will be no charge for this session which usually lasts around 5-10 minutes.

I have a full CRB disclosure and insurance for the purposes of teaching and performing.

Frequency of lessons
For school age children and young people, lessons take place weekly during term time. For adults lessons take place flexibly throughout the year on a weekly basis.

What is the cost?
Current fees for lessons at my home are as follows:

£16 for 30 minutes
£24 for 45 minutes
£32 for 60 minutes

For children and beginners 30 minutes is usually ample. For adults, older children, or students who are working towards music exams you may wish to consider longer lessons.

Please note that this fee does not include any additional resources, such as music books or exam fees. These will be charged separately, or bought by the student (or parent/carer).